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The increasingly intense competition in the automotive market today, competition auto parts enterprises has reached an unprecedented intensity, in order to better meet the needs of the market development in recent years, auto parts companies continue to market trends, their own development strategies and policies adjust the investment guide and other development, and increase investment in research, enhance research and development capabilities.
Overall investment in new energy, automotive electronics and after-market-oriented
In recent years, due to the increasingly serious environmental problems, new energy vehicles has been pushed to the cusp, not just China, the world regard the development of new energy vehicles as an important task, although the development of new energy vehicles not on a large scale, but it must be the future trend of development of the car, and as OEM supplier of auto parts enterprises must seize the development trend of the market, ahead of the layout to the development of the market has always been dominant, so in the new Under the trend of energy development, a lot of strength of parts enterprises have started to increase investment in new energy vehicles, and new energy vehicles as a closer relationship with the automotive electronics under the influence of the Internet has become a major thinking Focus parts manufacturers to lose ground; in addition, with the rise of the automobile market, parts companies bear behind, trying to earn the opportunity to share in a piece of cake on, have increased investment in the automotive after-market .
Investment in new energy auto parts representative include: integrated into the flight (67.85, 6.17, 10.00%) developed new lithium battery products, the proposed development of electric vehicle power systems and lithium super capacitor system; Ocean Motor (9.58, 0.00 , 0.00 percent) to establish R & D center and new energy powertrain base, speed up the layout of new energy vehicle powertrain market; Steyr identification of new energy is one of the strategic direction, capital increase 153 million new energy lithium battery materials, enter the new energy automotive components.
In the investment field of automotive electronics has typically include: all-electronic (50.40, 4.58, 10.00%) will be set, "the three strategic product direction" (HMI, new energy vehicles and industrial robots (103.840, 5.98, 6.11%) ), the layout of interaction and interconnection of intelligent vehicles driving age; Qiming Information (25.43, -0.52, -2.00%) were the focus of the development goals established automotive information, low-carbon, intelligent three aspects of R & D and services; cloud meaning Electric (34.000 , 3.09, 10.00%) increase intelligent vehicle control systems product development efforts and expand high-power commercial vehicle supporting the market and foreign OE markets.
Investment in the field of automotive after-market representative include: Lungi machinery (36.77, -1.79, -4.64%) stake in Shanghai car easy, by the platform to sell products, open up the market after users, and attempt to enter the automotive repair services; Jingu shares (49.04, 2.14, 4.56%) from the regular chain to an independent third-party services 020 models to expand after-market, auto market after the establishment of integrated service platform; DAFCO (36.45, -1.04, -2.77%) to establish a "de EMU care "brand, dealer development and implementation of Executive management and other outlets, and actively layout after market.
R & D investment in innovative products and project-based
2014 National 83 listed auto parts company’s total R & D investment totaled 12.862 billion yuan, accounting for R & D investment of the average operating income ratio was 3.88%. At the same time the report shows that R & D investment mainly invested in line with market trends, innovative products and new projects, new domestic and international market development, the introduction of new technology and new technology research and proprietary intellectual property protection and other aspects.
In innovative products and projects, particularly prominent is the new energy-saving respected and promote the localization of advanced technology. In the turbocharger market, for example, the huge market demand triggered fierce competition in domestic and foreign parts enterprises. Representative enterprises in Hunan day goose, its R & D spending in 2014 totaled 40.36 million yuan, accounting for 6.98% of revenue, mainly for high-powered turbocharger, variable geometry turbocharger, two-stage turbocharging Development and performance, a gasoline engine turbocharger matching test. In addition, in promoting the localization of advanced technology, Steyr performance was very obvious, its R & D spending last year, the proportion of total operating revenue reached 18.45%, far ahead of other companies. And that 137 million yuan of R & D spending is to accelerate the localization process of a diesel engine.
In addition to these two points, the parts business R & D investment is also more emphasis on international market development of new products and intellectual property protection. This is mainly due to growth in parts export business, it is also increasing R & D investment for overseas customers. West pump shares (48.90, 0.40, 0.82%), for example, its R & D spending last year, the fastest growth rate, growth of 31.05% compared to 2013, reaching 90.06 million yuan, a large part of which is the demand for investment in the international market. It is understood that the West pump shares annual total of 116 kinds of new products, including 66 kinds of water pumps, exhaust manifold 50 species on average three days to develop a new product, the development of significantly faster. And in the protection of intellectual property into more typical case undoubtedly intended Electric Cloud. Last year, the cloud meaning electrical research and development costs 29.42 million yuan, accounting for revenue ratio reached 6.83%, compared with 2013 improved 1.32 percentage points. Cloud Italian electrical based on independent research and innovation, access to 21 patents and nine high-tech product certification annual total for the enterprise to provide technical support for the development of sustainable and efficient.
Not difficult to see from the above, China’s auto parts enterprises keep pace with market developments, both in the R & D investment intentions or have sought the input grasp the pulse of the times, trend-oriented and to look at the future.

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